Hail damage is synonymous with warm weather, and we certainly don’t have a shortage of warm weather here in Charleston. If your vehicle has suffered dents and dings due to a hailstorm you can avoid further damage to the value of your car and your wallet by calling DentXpress.

Most insurance companies prefer DentXpress method of paintless dent removal to any other hail damage removal technique.



We’re less expensive and we maintain the original parts, paint and value of your vehicle.

If you take your car to a body shop, be prepared for a hefty repair bill. Their solution usually involves welding on a new roof, and filling the other dents with bondo or putty. Once the putty is dry, they’ll sand it down and repaint your entire vehicle. Not only is this type of repair unnecessary and costly, it significantly reduces the resell value of your vehicle.

Your other option is to call DentXpress Charleston. We specialize in professional, paintless hail damage removal. Not only is our method faster, costing you less in labor, we protect your investment by maintaining the original paint job on your vehicle. We also come to you, at work, at home or at a convenient location. You won’t have to give up your car for days or even weeks like you would at a traditional body shop. We remove hail damage dents in a few hours!

We service the Charleston tri county area, Summerville, West Ashley, James Island, Johns Island, Isle of Palms, and Sullivans Island.


So what should you do if your vehicle experiences hail damage?

Step 1, Contact your insurance company.

There is no one to blame for hail damage, so you can use your automobile insurance to cover the repairs without penalty. Your insurance company may send an adjuster out to access the damage and advise you on hail damage removal services.

Step 2, Call DentXpress Charleston for a cost estimate.

The estimate provided by your insurance adjuster may not be accurate. Adjusters have been known write low estimates because many people abuse this type of claim by pocketing the money and not repairing their vehicles.

Sometimes insurance companies will recommend that you have your vehicle repaired by a preferred vendor. Be wary of these recommendations, as they could be agreements to perform the lowest cost jobs in exchange for all the insurance company’s referral business. Your insurance company cannot force you to have your vehicle repaired by a company of their choice. If you do decide to go with a vendor recommended by your insurance provider make sure they are not going to cause further damage to the value of your car; drilling holes, unnecessary repainting and body work, etc.

You can call DentXpress at 843–872-1588 for a free hail damage cost estimate.

Step 3, The repair.

Once we’ve provided you with a free hail damage cost estimate and you receive the check from your insurance company, we can then schedule an appointment to repair your hail damage.   Call us at 843–872-1588.