Because he's just that good, and I mean that
Getting the small dent out of my new pick-up truck was a real pleasure, and it was so fast, easy and inexpensive. OK, it was almost "cheap." Maddison is a super-nice, friendly guy, and, if he hadn't been so busy, I'd've wanted to "yack" with some more, but I went to lunch, and, when I came back, my truck was ready, looking perfect. I told Maddison that, when you do a Google search for his service, there is a link above his, but that, as soon as I read his other reviews, I knew I'd be calling him. I'm glad I did. I joked with Maddison and told him I knew he must've written those reviews, himself, or paid people to write them for him, because he's just that good, and I mean that.