I will gladly recommend DentXpress to my friends

I emailed 3 photos of the dent I put into the tailgate of my '09 Silverado to DentXpress. Madison called me and said the dent might be too large or deep to fix but he would be glad to take a look and give me an estimate if fixable. Because I work in the North area, he suggested I stop by the Rivers Ave. Rick Hendrick location on Friday where he would be. After the on-site inspection I was given a very reasonable estimate and the suggestion I leave my tailgate with him and return in an hour and a half. This worked out well as I had a few errands to run. I returned to see my tailgate resting on the workbench looking shiny and brand new. Impressed with the excellent repair of my tailgate I pointed out a dimple ding in my driver's door that I might want fixed later. He said he could fix it right then and in 5 minutes the parking lot ding that had been aggravating me every time I opened my door was gone like magic. Madison and DentXpress rate 5 stars for 1. Quality of work, 2. Reasonable rates, 3. Convenience, 4. Dependability, 5. Friendly honest service. I will gladly recommend DentXpress to my friends.