My brand new 2016 Mustang GT was delivered from the factory with a couple of small imperfections, and the guys at Jones Ford went to the trouble to set me up with Madison and his guys at DentXpress for the repair. I met with Madison and his repair tech, Dwight, and they repaired four small dings on my vehicle, three on the door, and one on the roof, all within a half hour. I watched the process they went through, and it truly is non-invasive. As an engineer, I was extremely impressed with the methods they used to extract the dents and level the surface, and the professionalism that they exhibit is far superior to any body shop I've dealt with in the Low Country. Bottom line is, I take the care of my cars extremely seriously, and I don't trust just anyone to touch my vehicles. I'd trust Madison and Dwight any day of the week. Their work was spectacular, and while I hope to never need their services again, I'd use them without a second thought.