So friendly, honest and very accommodating
My car had damage from a deer along the upper back, driver side, behind the passenger door. Also, someone in a parking lot hit my car above the front left wheel putting a good dent there. I call DentXpress and spoke with Madison, what a great guy; so friendly, honest and very accommodating. He asked me to send pictures of the damages, which I did. He said, he could definitely fix the upper back area but wasn't sure if he would be able to fix the area above the left wheel. When I met Madison for the repair, he said the area at the front left wheel wasn't as bad as the picture made it look, so he said, let me see what I can do with it. He gave me a quote for both areas, which I felt was very reasonable. It took him about 45 minutes to finish the job & I was amazed how great the upper back area look, the dents were gone. The wheel area he attempted but felt he wouldn't get a good result there so he did not proceed with it. I appreciated his honesty & the little bit he did do made the area look better than it did and he only charged me for the upper back area. I would recommend DentXpress to anyone who needs a dent removed and we will definitely use him again. Thanks for the great job Madison!