Jennifer Thompson

Dwight fixed a dent in my son's 2013 Civc that was right against the driver side door. I don't know exactly how he did it but you can't tell the dent was ever there. Great job great price. Kudos Dwight!

Ryan Amick

Madison fixed my dented subaru fender this afternoon. Very happy with the results. What would have been a $500+ repair at the body shop, ended up costing me $150 and I waited while he pulled it out. Thanks again Madison!

Scott Wyant

Incredible work. Madison was able to fix two dings in the hood of my new 4 Runner, one of which was in a very difficult spot. He did a perfect job and the price was amazing. I plan to and will continue to use this company for all of my vehicle body work.

Clayton Miles

This service provided by Madison and his group is a necessity for anyone that is trying to maintain a nice ride. It is inevitable that somebody or something will ding your panel and require Madison's services. But I am here to tell you I have used Madison's services a total of 4 times in the last year and a half and have spent less on the four times than what I would have had to spend at the body shop once. I fully endorse the service Madison provides with all the confidence a fellow consumer can muster. The result is no less than flawless when he completes his task.

David Dilling

I had a good size dent in my front quarter panel and I brought it to DentXpress and I was blown away with the results. Could not believe how well it turned out. You could not tell it was ever there. Highly recommend this company and very reasonable price!!! Thank you DentXpress!!

Ian Watts

Easy to get in to see them. Didn't even know this service existed. In and out in an hour, with low cost, and without dents most importantly. Highly recommend. When some ass opens their door into my favorite car I'll be returning for their help yet again.

JR Carr

My brand new 2016 Mustang GT was delivered from the factory with a couple of small imperfections, and the guys at Jones Ford went to the trouble to set me up with Madison and his guys at DentXpress for the repair. I met with Madison and his repair tech, Dwight, and they repaired four small dings on my vehicle, three on the door, and one on the roof, all within a half hour. I watched the process they went through, and it truly is non-invasive. As an engineer, I was extremely impressed with the methods they used to extract the dents and level the surface, and the professionalism that they exhibit is far superior to any body shop I've dealt with in the Low Country.

Bottom line is, I take the care of my cars extremely seriously, and I don't trust just anyone to touch my vehicles. I'd trust Madison and Dwight any day of the week. Their work was spectacular, and while I hope to never need their services again, I'd use them without a second thought.

Madison repaired a ding in the door of my GMC Sierra in about 15 minutes. It looked just like the day I drove it off of the dealer's lot! Great job!

Absolutely 100% would recommend Madison and his crew. Very reasonable price to fix a dent that left a crease in the side of my Infiniti door. Went to a shop that was going to charge over $500 to repair it and repaint it. Madison didn't even need paint, he pulled out the dent, fixed the crease, and you cant even see it anymore. He charged me a fraction of that amount and I was on my way in about 45 min. He does just amazing work and I will certainly recommend him to anyone that mentions dents or car body repairs and for those on a tight budget and want the work done quickly!


Thank you Madison and crew. Great job on the dent that I thought would never come out of my Camaro. Great price and done in about an hour.