Dustin Herb

These guys have done a great job on multiple cars of mine and always have great prices. They are also very good at getting me in with almost no notice. I wouldn't go to anyone else.

Josh Cooper

The DentXpress team has helped me out 3 times now and I will continue to use them. Jordan and his work is absolutely awesome and has made my BMW M3 look like new again! I can't say enough things about these guys other than great price, awesome service and quality work! Paintless dent repair for the win!

Gary Hammond

I have used Dent Xpress numerous times over the last several years and I'm always pleased with the work performed. Madison takes his time to ensure that the dent is removed and the job comes out perfect. I wouldn't let anyone else work on my vehicle. Thank you, Gary Hammond

Now You See It - Now You Don't - I called Madison this morning about two dents in the rear passenger side door of my Jaguar sedan. One was very conspicuous and could be seen from many feet away. Madison did a great job providing service on the day of the call, worked both dents out in about an hour, and they are undetectable. Thanks Madison, I hope I won't need your services again, but just in case your card is being placed in my files.

My car had damage from a deer along the upper back, driver side, behind the passenger door. Also, someone in a parking lot hit my car above the front left wheel putting a good dent there. I call DentXpress and spoke with Madison, what a great guy; so friendly, honest and very accommodating. He asked me to send pictures of the damages, which I did. He said, he could definitely fix the upper back area but wasn't sure if he would be able to fix the area above the left wheel. When I met Madison for the repair, he said the area at the front left wheel wasn't as bad as the picture made it look, so he said, let me see what I can do with it. He gave me a quote for both areas, which I felt was very reasonable. It took him about 45 minutes to finish the job & I was amazed how great the upper back area look, the dents were gone. The wheel area he attempted but felt he wouldn't get a good result there so he did not proceed with it. I appreciated his honesty & the little bit he did do made the area look better than it did and he only charged me for the upper back area. I would recommend DentXpress to anyone who needs a dent removed and we will definitely use him again. Thanks for the great job Madison!

Madison and his tech's are top notch, quality guys. They live up to their name, as they quickly and efficiently got to work to remove a dent in an awkward location on my Tacoma. Madison was even able to beat his own quote. DentXpress is honest and fair. They will not perform unnecessary work to drive up time and cost. The crew takes time to explain how the repair was performed. I highly recommend contacting DentXpress to bring your vehicle back to its original shape!

Madison and his team were amazing today. They fixed 4 dents and a large dent on the back of the vehicle that only a body shop should have been able to fix. They did everything in just over an hour and did it with a great attitude. I'll only use DentXpress from this point forward. Great team, great owner, and great pricing. Thanks guys!

The neighborhood kids bounced a soccer ball off the hood of my wife's car, left a dent, my wife was devastated! The car is "her baby". I called DentXpress, met Madison 90 minutes later at a local car dealer where he happened to be working today, and he had the hood looking like brand new just 45 minutes later ... for a very reasonable price! We highly recommend his services, and we will use him every time we get these unexpected dents!

James T

Fast, Friendly, Service. Took my Black Toyota 4runner with two dents in the driver side door to Madison and he had them fixed and ready to go in under an hour.

Van Taylor

Getting the small dent out of my new pick-up truck was a real pleasure, and it was so fast, easy and inexpensive. OK, it was almost "cheap." Maddison is a super-nice, friendly guy, and, if he hadn't been so busy, I'd've wanted to "yack" with some more, but I went to lunch, and, when I came back, my truck was ready, looking perfect. I told Maddison that, when you do a Google search for his service, there is a link above his, but that, as soon as I read his other reviews, I knew I'd be calling him. I'm glad I did. I joked with Maddison and told him I knew he must've written those reviews, himself, or paid people to write them for him, because he's just that good, and I mean that.