Ford has announced the new 2015 Ford F-150 with great fanfare. Many are citing the Ford F-150’s new design as groundbreaking science, especially the F-150’s “High-strength, military grade, aluminum-alloy body.” These powerful descriptions of the new F-150 may raise an important question. How can an aluminum body be served by the Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) industry?

While the introduction of the first all-aluminum production truck is an impressive accomplishment, according to Madison Simpson, owner of DentXpress, it is not really new. Sports cars and sports utility vehicles have used aluminum in their hoods for the last eight to ten years and are successfully served by paintless dent repair techniques on a regular basis.

Aluminum is more resistant to dings and dents than traditional metals. However, because aluminum has no memory, unlike traditional metals used in the automotive industry, paintless dent repair of an aluminum panel does require a different approach. The process involves a subtle massaging of the aluminum and very specialized skill.  Each of the professionals at DentXpress has years of experience, special training, and a professional focus ensuring the best possible PDR outcome on your aluminum panel.

The cost of paintless dent repair for an aluminum panel is normally about 25% more than the cost of PDR for a traditional metal because aluminum requires a very specialized technique and takes more time. The specific upcharge for PDR is dictated by the insurance industry and all major insurance companies cover PDR, once a deductible has been met.

Madison Simpson has spent the last twenty-five years focused on developing an intimate knowledge of adapting techniques used by the paintless dent repair industry to remove dents of every type, size, and location on a vehicle. He and his staff of experts at DentXpress have had extensive special training in the methods required to repair an aluminum panel. With years of experience repairing aluminum panels on vehicles like the Range Rover SUV as well as high end sports cars, the professionals at DentXpress understand the unique challenges inherent in the PDR approach of removing dents, dings and damage from an aluminum panel.

Rest assured, should the need arise; your new Ford F-150 can be served by paintless dent repair. The professionals at DentXpress have the experience and the skill to help you keep your truck looking its best for years to come! For more information, please email us at